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Newton-ID F.A.Q.

What can I do with my Newton ID?

  • Pay products online
  • Reserve Products online
  • Keep track of Transactions
  • Reprint historic Invoices
  • Keep track of ongoing Repairs
  • You have a Repair with us? Check your Repair status from your Dashboard.
  • Send eVouchers
  • You can now send eVoucher's right from the comfort of your Dashboard in 3 easy steps. 1, add Recipient and the amount you wish to gift. 2, select a template and 3, set a specific date and time you wish the voucher to arrive. Done.
  • Add a Profile picture
  • Make your account easier recognisable when sharing Wish-Lists with your friends.
  • New Create Wish Lists
  • Simply click on Add Friends in the Your Friends section of your Dashboard and search for a name. If a person with that name has a Public Wish List with us, you will be able to send a Friend Request. Once your friend has accepted your request it will show on your Friends list and you will be able to view his/her Wish List(s).
    If you want your friends to see your wish lists, make sure you have set at least one as Public.
  • New Newton Store Card for Apple Wallet
  • Download your Newton Store Card
    Show your Newton Store Card to our staff when you next make a purchase in our shop. That way, any purchased devices will be linked to your account and you will be able to keep track of the warranty status.

How can I get a Newton-ID?

I forgot my Password, please help!

I forgot my Security Questions, please help!

Can I set a One-Time-Password?

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