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NCA'10 overall Winner

15th of February 2011

Congratulations to the Winner of the Newton Creative Awards 2010, Jim Crone.

NCA'10 Film Category Winner

15th of February 2011

Congratulations to the Winner of the Newton Creative Awards 2010 Film category.

NCA'10 Music category prize giving

November 2011

Yesterday we announced the lucky winners of this years Newton Creative Awards Music category. Group 12 and under Winner Entry 35 "You can do it" by Amy Pozo, Christina Linares, Joelle Ferrar, Gianna Hermida Commended Entry 38 "In a Funky Mood" by Rachel Michel, Kymara Payas, Kelly-Anne Cooper, Andria Olivares Group 17 and over Winner Entry 30 "funk-meista flex (scratch that glitch)" by Charlie Moore Highly Commended Entry 27 "Trail of Tears" by Denis Valerga Thank you for all the great submissions and congratulations to the winners.

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Final Cut Express 4 Training

June 2011

For 2 weeks, Newton Systems, in collaboration with Agnosys, organised several 3 days courses on Final Cut Express 4, finalized with the passing of a certification exam. Due to great success of this training course, we will try to reschedule more courses later on this year. This will depend on the interest expressed, so if you are interested in Apple software training or certification, please let us know for filling up this form.

NCA'11 Art category prize giving

15th of June 2011

All the lucky Winners!
Winning works:
Entry 01 - Smartie Drops by Stewart Brittenden
Entry 25 - Gibraltar by Rebecca Luttig
Entry 08 - Candy Dream by Paula Jakobsson Sisarello
Highly Commended works:
Entry 23 - A Matter of Time by Anne-Marie Valverde
Entry 10 - Penguin Land! by James Mir
Entry 09 - Joker J by Will Fritchie
Commended works:
Entry 06 - Katie in the Flowers by Katie Azopardi
Entry 05 - untitled by Aidan Carroll
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Press Release

16th of February 2011

We had yesterday (15/02) the closing ceremony of the Newton Creative Award 2011 for the Film category and the overall competition, in presence of the Minister for Culture.

The Film category winners were:

- Jake Galvez, for the 12 and under age group
- Bradley Roberts, for the 13 to 16 age group
- Jim Crone, for the 17 and over age group

The winner of the overall competition, which is picked among the 9 winners of all categories and age groups was awarded to:

- Jim Crone, for his Film: Breach

Jim Crone now has to decide whether to keep the iMac 27-inch or the MacBook Pro 15-inch, kindly donated by Apple.

All submissions are viewable on our website:
The 2010 season is now closed and we have been very happy with the response in numbers and quality.
We have had a total of 132 entries (50 in Art, 71 in Music, 11 in Film).

We are proud to announce that we have launched the 2011 season.
The categories, age groups and importantly the prizes remain the same for the new season.

Please do not hesitate to call me on 200 76240 should you require further info.

We will have photos of the ceremony on our web site shortly.

Kind regards,


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